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Upon registration as an ANZ Olympic School your school will be sent the following:

  • ANZ Olympic sports bag
  • A set of medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze)
  • Olympic Values posters: Joy of Effort, Fair Play, Respect for Others, Pursuit of Excellence and Balance of Body, Mind and Character
  • Certificates of achievement


The ANZ Olympic Schools Kit will be delivered up to 30 days after confirmation of registration and is dependent on availability of stock.

Once you have registered as an ANZ Olympic School you are also able to download extra copies of the following resources:

  • ANZ Olympic Schools Posters
  • ANZ Olympic Schools Certificates

Letter of encouragement

We can also provide you with personalised letters of encouragement from an Olympian. These will be written directly to a student you nominate, the letter will acknowledge the pupils demonstration of Olympic Values-based behaviour, recognise individual student potential and provide added encouragement to them in their pursuit of excellence, whether academic or sporting.

Olympic Ambassador school visit

Your school can request to have an Olympic Ambassador visit for your school and hear their inspiring experiences at a special sports day or school assembly.

To request an Olympic Ambassador school visit email us here

The visit will be dependent on Olympic Ambassador availability

Click here to view the Olympic Ambassadors


Olympic Values & Educational Resources


Joy of Effort: Young people develop and practice physical, behavioural and intellectual skills by challenging themselves and each other in physical activities, movement, games and sport.

Fair Play: Fair play is a sports concept, but it is applied worldwide today in many different ways. Learning fair play behaviour in sport can lead to the development and reinforcement of fair play behaviour in the community and in life.

Respect for Others: When young people who live in a multicultural world learn to accept and respect diversity and practice personal peaceful behaviour, they promote peace and international understanding.

Pursuit of Excellence: A focus on excellence can help young people to make positive, healthy choices, and strive to become the best that they can be in whatever they do.

Balance Between Body, Mind and Character: Learning takes place in the whole body, not just in the mind, and physical literacy and learning through movement contributes to the development of both moral and intellectual learning. This concept is the foundation for the revival of the Modern Olympic Games.

A range of New Zealand Olympic Education resources are available to teachers which support the five values of Olympic education.

These resources are designed for Years 4-8 and levels 2-5 of the NZ curriculum and:

  • Tell the stories of Olympic athletes and their achievements
  • Bring to life the rich history of the Olympic movement and its values
  • Relate to key competencies and values across the subject areas of English, Social Sciences, Health, PE, Mathematics and Science
  • Teach, encourage, model and explore the Olympic Values which align with the New Zealand Curriculum values

Click here to visit the Olympic Values Resources site.


You can access these resources by registering or logging into your school’s account.