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About the ANZ Olympic Schools Programme


The ANZ Olympic Schools Programme offers you a great way to support your child and their school. We know many of you are active in your children’s school committees, so if you sit on a PTA, a sports committee or just meet socially with fellow parents, tell them how the ANZ Olympic Schools Programme is designed to help your school and encourage them to come to ANZ for their home loan.

You will need to register your school to the ANZ Olympic School Programme. This will trigger an email to the school asking them to confirm the registration and their participation in the programme. That’s stage one, now here is how you can make a real difference.

Simple recommend ANZ to your network of parents, teachers and friends and when they choose ANZ for their home or business loan you will receive credits to spend on a range of items from sports equipment to computers from the ANZ Awards Centre.

Here’s how it works

For every successful ANZ home or business loan of $50,000 or over drawn down by someone connected to your chosen school the school will receive 800 credits. You will just need to remind them to tell the home loan or business specialist that you referred them and what school they are supporting.