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First register a school so they can have access to the various rewards
and opportunities. Then by referring a qualifying home or business
loan with ANZ, your selected school can earn credits to spend on
items such as sports equipment and computers at the ANZ Awards Centre.

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What is the ANZ Olympic Schools Programme

The ANZ Olympic Schools Programme is designed to help people and communities thrive by providing schools with access to rewards and opportunities.

We have also tailored the programme so you can personally help your child, relative, or local school earn credits to spend at the ANZ Awards Centre.

With your help, the ANZ Olympic Schools Programme can make a real difference in the classroom and our communities.

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How you can take part

This section will tell you how you can help register your school to receive all the benefits that the ANZ Olympic Schools Programme can deliver.

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ANZ Olympic School rewards

When you refer your network of parents, teachers, and friends to ANZ for their next home or business loan, you can help schools earn valuable credits at the ANZ Awards Centre.

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