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By registering to be a part of the ANZ Schools Programme, parent and teacher networks
can provide your school with additional resources when they choose
ANZ for their next home loan.

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The ANZ Schools Programme is designed to help people and communities thrive by providing schools with access to rewards and opportunities.

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ANZ Awards Centre

For every home or business loan $50,000 or over drawn down with ANZ, your school can earn 800 credits to spend at the ANZ Awards Centre.

800 credits equates to approximately $400 of purchasing power and can be redeemed for your choice of items covering everything from sports equipment to the latest in computer technology for your school. Click here to view a selection of items available at the ANZ Awards Centre.

Your school will be notified when an ANZ staff member registers your school to this Programme. The ANZ Awards Centre will also send you a welcome letter including your login details so that you can view the online catalogue. As your parent and teacher network draw down home loans with ANZ, you will receive updates with your school’s credits