ANZ Schools Programme - School Site

ANZ Schools is closed
to new registrations

We’re closing the ANZ Schools Programme because we’re moving
away from offering incentives for the sale of ANZ products. We
believe it’s the right thing to do, and means we can solely focus on
what is right for each customer based on their financial needs.

Existing members can find more information below.

Information for existing members

We’re closing the ANZ Schools Programme. Here’s what it means for you:

Earning credits

You'll continue to earn credits for referred, eligible loans drawn down before 5pm 25 March 2021.

For every home or business loan of $50,000 or more drawn down with ANZ, your school can earn 800 credits to spend at the ANZ Awards Centre. 800 credits equates to approximately $400 value which you can spend on top brand merchandise for your school.

Redeeming credits

The final date for redeeming credits is 30 April 2021. Until then, you can redeem credits for rewards at any time through the ANZ Awards Centre.