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ANZ Schools Programme


Terms and Conditions

The Programme

  1. The ANZ Schools Programme formerly ANZ Partners and ANZ Olympic Schools Programme commenced on 1 July 2008 and continues until terminated in accordance with these terms.

ANZ Registered Schools

  1. These Terms and Conditions apply to schools who have been registered to the ANZ Olympic Schools Programme (the “Programme”) by an ANZ Employee.
  2. The Programme commences on 22nd May 2013, and continues until terminated in accordance with these terms.


  1. To be eligible to enter the Programme and become a member school (a “Participant”), a school must have:
  2. received a registration request from ANZ to join the Programme; and
  3. completed the online registration process for the Programme by accepting these Terms and Conditions.
  4. by registering for the ANZ Olympic Schools Programme you accept that your will receive communication from ANZ or the New Zealand Olympic Committee regarding the ANZ Olympic Schools Programme, be email and or regular mail.
  5. The Programme is open to New Zealand schools approved by ANZ, who are registered with the Programme (“Participants”). Approving Participants is at the sole discretion of ANZ. ANZ may also, in its sole discretion, exclude, on written notice, any Participant from further participation in the Programme.
  6. Participants are responsible for ensuring they do not breach any of their rules, obligations or licence requirements within their profession or organisation by joining the Programme. ANZ accepts no responsibility or liability for any breach made by the Participant in joining the Programme.
  7. Any referrals made before the Participant is registered in the Programme will not qualify for The ANZ Schools Programme.

The ANZ Schools Programme Credits

  1. The ANZ Schools Programme Credits are earned when a Participant’s referral to ANZ, results in a drawdown of either an ANZ Home Loan or Business Loan (secured by a residential property) of at least $50,000. Credits will be made to the Participants ANZ Awards Account.
  2. ANZ reserves the right to set the allocation of Credits issued at any time.
  3. ANZ may, at its discretion, offer bonus Credits for limited periods of time or in relation to particular referrals only.


  1. Credits may be redeemed for goods or services (“Rewards”) listed by the ANZ Partners Awards Centre (“Awards Centre”).
  2. To redeem Credits for rewards either complete the online order form (“Online Form”) at (“website”) or complete and sign the paper Order Form and return it to the Awards Centre
  3. ANZ will only accept Online Forms completed on the Website where the Participant’s correct account and password have been used. The Participant agrees that ANZ may act in reliance of the Online Form, or any other electronic instructions, received by ANZ through the Website which are, or purport to, have been given by the Participant where the Participants correct account and password is used.
  4. Credits can only be redeemed in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  5. ANZ will not refund Credits if a Participant changes their mind in relation to Rewards selected.
  6. A Participant cannot transfer their Credits to another Participant or exchange them for cash.
  7. ANZ will not replace lost, stolen or damaged goods.
  8. Where Rewards are unavailable, out of stock, or delivery is subject to significant delays, the Awards Centre may offer you alternative Rewards of equal or greater Credit value, when an appropriate replacement is available.
  9. The Rewards described in the Awards Centre are supplied by third parties. ANZ does not warrant the quality of the Rewards, or the suitability for a Date Participant’s particular circumstances. To the extent permitted by law, ANZ excludes liability for any loss suffered as a result of your use of those Rewards.
  10. To the extent permitted by law, ANZ accepts no responsibility or liability for any dispute concerning Rewards received through the use of any vouchers redeemed under this Programme. Any dispute should be directly resolved between the Participant and the Retailer concerned or the relevant manufacturer.
  11. Participant may return damaged or defective goods within the warranty period of the goods. The goods will be repaired by the manufacturer, or the manufacturer or Supplier can decide to supply the Participant with replacement or alternative goods similar to, or better than the goods returned, at no additional cost to the Participant.
  12. Where Participants do not have enough Credits to redeem a particular Reward, Participants may, on request, redeem the Reward, and pay the shortfall value of Credits as a New Zealand dollar amount, as calculated by the Awards Centre.
  13. ANZ accepts no liability for tax or levy payable on any Rewards offered to a Participant under the Programme. All tax and levies will be the sole responsibility of the recipient.


  1. ANZ may terminate the Programme by providing thirty (30) days written notice to the Participants.
  2. On termination of the Programme, Participants will cease to hold Credits and ANZ will not accept any request to redeem Credits.
  3. Any redemption requests received prior to the expiry of the notice period will continue to be processed by ANZ after this date.


  1. For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, ‘ANZ’ means ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited.
  2. ANZ reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions at any time. ANZ will let you know at least 14 days before it makes the change.
  3. ANZ reserves the right to extend, change or terminate the Programme at any time.
  4. Any dispute that may arise regarding this Programme that cannot be resolved in good faith by agreement within 14 working days, ANZ will make the final decision and no correspondence will be entered into.
  5. The Awards Centre holds all personal information. You agree that your personal information may be provided to ANZ and its contractors on a confidential basis. You are entitled to access and request correction of your personal information held about you.
  6. Participants in the Programme must disclose to all referred customers that the Participant will receive benefits as a result of the referral to ANZ, if the referral is successful. Participants must also comply with all relevant laws, including the Secrets Commission Act 1910 and Privacy Act 1993. Participants agree to hold harmless and indemnify ANZ from and against any loss, costs, actions, proceedings, claims, damages, demands, expenses or other liability, including reasonable legal fees, and arising directly or indirectly out of a breach of any relevant law, including the Secret Commissions Act 1910 and the Privacy Act 1993 by the participants in respect of the Programme.

    Security of personal passwords is the responsibility of the person to whom they are issued. Neither ANZ nor its contractors accept any responsibility for the loss and/or disclosure and/or misuse of these passwords and any resultant claims, loss or damage.

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