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Important security information - disclosure of your ANZ Internet Banking log on information through non-ANZ sites

Wednesday 19 December 2012
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ANZ reminds customers not to enter your ANZ Internet Banking log on information when using non-ANZ sites. This includes your customer number and Internet Banking password.

If you disclose your Internet Banking log on details it could result in other parties doing transactions on your account that you haven't authorised. This includes where you use online payment services or account aggregation services.

For more information about how to protect yourself online or call us on 0800 269 296.

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Helen cox | Friday 01 March 2013


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Laura | Monday 18 February 2013

I have just used Poli to make a payment from Air New Zealand. I didn't really realise what was happening until it was happening, and now feel stupid and cross for trusting a third party with very private information. I understand that Poli is a genuine service, but still feel strongly that it is a deeply flawed business model, and will always be more vulnerable to security breaches than direct banking. I am also very concerned that the banking software cannot block scripting from external programmes. 1. Can ANZ banking option be removed from vendor sites, as BNZ have done? I believe that the BNZ line is correct, and I hope they stick to it, as any amount of security reassurance from Poli does not change the fact that private data is being given to a third party. 2. Can security of the ANZ website be improved to block automated scripting?

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idc | Saturday 19 January 2013

dnt care

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Barbie | Wednesday 16 January 2013

just want to get into my account don't want to waste time on this

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Jeremy Callon | Wednesday 16 January 2013

Thank You for the Alert!!

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Peter | Tuesday 15 January 2013

Try to log on and get this.Do you think that the log on pageTHAT I HAVE JUST BEEN DISCONNECTED FROM could be not a genuine ANZ web page or something to be wasting my time being sent here rather than to IRDs GST payment link that is due today.

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Trev | Tuesday 15 January 2013

Like the new website - not sure why all the negative comments are listed here. Sometimes the new is just somethign that one must learn and navigate around in a different way. Having said that, i am only a credit card holder with ANZ - my main bank is elsewhere.

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robyn | Monday 14 January 2013

this new internet banking is way more difficult to use than the old anz site also would appreciate you not doing this again as it is a pain and time consuming

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Rav | Monday 14 January 2013

It is good to be reminded of these risks

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ken | Sunday 13 January 2013

pushed out of log on annoying what is account aggregation dont use jargon nb i am a professional non-banking of course

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shirley | Sunday 13 January 2013

what a disaster web page kept going away. I would give anything to go back to phone banking. Your system is a waste of time.

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Anton | Thursday 10 January 2013

What in the world is an "account aggregation services" unnecessary jargon. This "reminder" is poorly worded and creates confusion, what exactly is a "non-ANZ website" and ANZ forgot to include the possibility of computer or phone applications (such as POLi) which could be disastrous!

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suz | Thursday 10 January 2013

here all i want is to get into my account and so far i have been whipped into a page for an andriod app then this bloody page????????????????????????? what are you playing at. just let me go into my account like a sane person!!!!

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mr | Wednesday 09 January 2013

your new system is just a waste of time.... did u consider the customer when making the changes..... time for a change....

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Brad | Wednesday 09 January 2013

Westpac Business online banking just gave me the same advice. In their case Business online does have the facility to create a user that has nothing but read only access (well done) so I setup a read only login for xero credit card feeds and changed my password on main login. I agree this is something that the banks need to address with Xero and other account aggregation services not tell us all that we cant use them! They should also give examples of common products that they don't want used. Xero is also not clear enough about the banks status on this to customers basically saying that customers must make the decision.

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NZMichael | Wednesday 09 January 2013

Are you referring to POLI payments in this warning? BNZ has specifically warned against POLI's use of bank-like logins.

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wayne | Tuesday 08 January 2013

i need to tqlk but no one home... time to go to westpac

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JAY | Tuesday 08 January 2013

Enjoyed the old system better. Everything was a lot easier and simpler. Now it is hard to make automatic payments to own accounts, have to write in the whole account number. Quick funds transfer only good for on the spot transfers. Payments used to be done the night before (12pm?) of a payment date. Now I have money sitting in my account an extra day which can be frustrating. Spoke to a few other people who are having issues as well. One person told me ANZ transfers to other ANZ customers used to be on the spot as well. They were not certain it is anymore. I wanted to switch my partner from Kiwi bank to ANZ to make it easier to handle our finances but am not so sure now... As a teacher, we faced a lot of issues with NOVA PAY because they decided to change a perfectly fine payroll system. Was change REALLY necessary for ANZ internet banking...?

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Frequent flyer | Tuesday 08 January 2013

Can you please be specific about using POLi to pay for Air tickets on Air NZ's website - ie is this OK or not? Thanks

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Hugh | Monday 31 December 2012

Does this refer to POLI or not? Quite unhelpful. Air NZ says on its site about POLI security: "POLi makes use of robust and advanced internet security features. During the course of your payment, Air New Zealand and POLi never have access to your internet banking identifier or password - these are entered by you directly into your internet banking login page. The rest of the process takes place using the standard security of your internet banking facility." Someone is not telling the full story and my suspicion is that its ANZ - a tiff between computer people, or more probably annoyed to lose the credit card margin on the transaction... how about the full story? Has there ever been even one fraud using POLI?

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Chris | Friday 28 December 2012

Please give examples, do you mean to include POLi?

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Henry | Thursday 27 December 2012


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carislei | Thursday 27 December 2012

Thank you.

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Nova | Wednesday 26 December 2012

Do you regard the payment for e.g. Jetstar (pymt method Poli) that directs us to our Bank site (e.g. ANZ) as non-ANZ site, and un-secure?

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DONNA | Wednesday 26 December 2012

I hate everything about your update. It's more difficult to use than ever before. Totally hair tearingly frustrating and enough to make me want to change banks.

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Molly | Wednesday 26 December 2012

So far so good. (am a national bank customer)

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Edtec | Wednesday 26 December 2012

Come on ANZ what are you actually saying. It seems to me you are saying your security proceedures are not up to the task and its all your customers fault. I think ANZ needs to provide the option of having more security steps when customers logon to their accounts. The BNZ "Netguard Card" seems a good option (more cost efficent than electronic security tokens for not that much drop in security).

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Vikram | Tuesday 25 December 2012

Thanks for advice!!!

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John | Monday 24 December 2012

What is a non-ANZ site? Or, What is an ANZ site? I have never heard of one.

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Juliane peoples | Sunday 23 December 2012

Please tell me how to transfer money to my new australian cash card.thankyou

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Quintin | Wednesday 26 December 2012
By "Australian cash card" do you mean AUD Travel card? If so, you need to set the card up as a 'Bill Payee'. You can do this by calling 0800103123 and speaking with an operator.
Hayley | Sunday 23 December 2012


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Phillip | Sunday 23 December 2012

Are there any plans to provide a read only login to personal online banking? This would allow for aggregation services without the ability for these services to do transfers. ANZ Money Manager (a Yodlee powered service) is not that great, and in these times it's really good to have a decent overview of your finances. Also if you provided some sort of API for services like POLi that would be helpful - the service calls the API, then the user logs in to online banking (by typing the address - not redirected by the app) and enters a code to load the details. Just a thought.

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Brad | Wednesday 09 January 2013
In my opinion ANZ Money manager is better than Xero personal and Kiwibanks heaps product, I havent tried other banks products. I cant believe that they haven't started promoting it in NZ. Given ANZ money manager is powered by Yodele you would thing ANZ are essentially endorsing it and it could be used by ANZ customers for other account aggregation products.
Banksters are slow to react | Friday 21 December 2012

Good advice, bit if POLi (or other such services) are a problem - why not take steps to block them? Are you contacting various organisations (including Govt agencies and airlines) to tell them that these services are not legit, and you will be blocking them? I reckon that if you threaten to put up a big warning message when you detect POLi being used, saying the payment option is not secure and won't be processed, that will get a decent reaction from those orgs.

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doc | Friday 21 December 2012

If you are refering to POLI you really need to say so.......

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Consternation | Friday 21 December 2012

Interesting. I made ANZ aware of POLi and their abhorrent security practices back in August but was fobbed off with a generic reply that POLi and ANZ had a business relationship and everything was OK. I suppose it takes someone from another bank to investigate and decide on security matters that ANZ will take seriously.

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Brian | Friday 21 December 2012

Does this update specifically relate to the fact that bankfeeds are available on Xero Personal? I understand that Xero Personal uses an US service Yodlee to provide the bankfeeds. If ANZ is advisng customers not to provide their logon information to non-ANZ sites on security grounds, why does it permit services like Yodlee to access to bank accounts to allow downloading bank transactions? Does this warning also apply to ANZ Moneymanger? I find it confusing when the bank on the one hand warns customers not to give logon information to third party websites but on the other hand facilitates it to take place.

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ANZ Internet Banking Team | Friday 21 December 2012
Hi Brian, unless the account services are provided or referred to you by ANZ, ANZ does not authorise, promote or endorse the use of account services offered by parties other than ANZ to access your ANZ accounts (including account aggregation services, which may be provided by other financial institutions).
Cilla | Thursday 20 December 2012

I am totally happy with the service (so far) from The National Bank. Thank you keep up the good work. Merry xmas and all the best for 2013.

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Dominic | Thursday 20 December 2012

it is fine

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R Nicoll | Wednesday 19 December 2012

Thanks for the warning. I have used POLi to register my vehicles with LTSA, thinking it was secure. I have now changed by internet banking password. Good work ANZ!

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Sam | Wednesday 19 December 2012

Good to see ANZ taking this seriously.

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