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Changes to sending money overseas within ANZ Internet Banking are here!

Wednesday 07 August 2013
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Following on from recent enhancements to ANZ Internet Banking, we've made more changes. How you send money to overseas accounts within ANZ Internet Banking has become simpler and faster.

Now, when using the 'Send money overseas' function* within Internet Banking you’ll see:

- Your account will be debited as soon as you make a payment,

- You can save the details of the person you're paying to use again the next time you make a payment,


- and you can print or save your payment details for your records.


More information

Check out the video overview of the changes when sending money overseas below.
Don’t forget you can also view step by step guides explaining how to bank online by clicking on the Help icon within ANZ Internet Banking.

What other changes are coming soon?

We're also working on a number of other improvements based on feedback from our customers, including:

being able to future date a funds transfer between your accounts,

displaying foreign currency accounts,

and improving how you set up Automatic Payments.

- so watch this space!

Thank you for banking with ANZ.

Please note you need to be registered for the 'Send money overseas' function. If you wish to use this function in the future, Please visit your nearest branch or call us on 0800 269 296 (personal customers), or 0800 269 249 (business/rural customers) or +64 4 470 3142 (if you are overseas) to register.


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BD | Thursday 12 September 2013

Having read all the comments from actual users, I think I will stick to using NZFOREX for money transfers. Better exchange rates and you see the charges AND the receiver gets what you sent!!

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A McMorran | Thursday 22 August 2013

I am going to miss the ordering a bank draft facility - which I need for the odd transaction and which saves time (& money) - I have two to do which is going to mean going into the bank twice - once to establish the payment and then to pick up the draft. Very frustrating!! It is quite valuable when you don't have the full information for making an international bank transfer and a drft ensures that the recipient gets the full amount which is not always the case with bank transfers - see various comments below.

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David | Thursday 22 August 2013

Much better, especially like be able to save a recipient.

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Juliana | Wednesday 21 August 2013

I have asked many times in the many years since I've joined National Bank and now ANZ, to look into sending money overseas thru internet banking to Indonesia, but never received a response. Indonesia still does not come up on the list as one of the options.

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ANZ Internet Banking Team | Friday 23 August 2013
Hi Juliana, you can make payments to Indonesia but only using the following currencies: US dollar, Singapore dollar, Euro and Australian dollar. The Indonesian Rupiah is a restricted currency and has a a few rules around how it can be sent. Taking into consideration the complexity involved to send this currency we have chosen not to provide this as an option for payments to Indonesia.
selina | Wednesday 21 August 2013

I cann't transfer NZ Dollars at the same currency to oversea by online banking.

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language is important | Tuesday 20 August 2013

The word \"YOUR\" is incorrect. You are using an abbreviation of \"you are \" which is noted as being \"you're\" This is because the \"a\" is deleted and replaced by an apostrophe . I would have expected the bank and its staff to get this correct !!

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ANZ Internet Banking Team | Monday 26 August 2013
Hi language is important, thank you for letting us know. We have updated the article with the correct 'you're'. We agree that language is important and do our best to make sure we have the correct spelling and grammar in our communications. We apologise for the mistake and once again, thanks for passing this on.
Thankyou ANZ :) | Thursday 22 August 2013
Well. ' Language is important' if you had read the statements properly you would not have posted YOUR comment they did not mean to write you're in any of the statements made. \" Your feedback is important to us.\" THUMBS UP. \"You're feedback is important to us.\" BOO... Someone that thinks language is important and posts something like YOUR latter comment should know that thinking before saying/writing something in this instance is obviously more important lest it compromise your integrity. Have a nice day!
Janice | Monday 19 August 2013

Hi there, I would like to send money back to Malaysia and RM isn't an available currency to convert. I always send via branch in NZD, I would like to do the same via internet banking, but this isn't an option.

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Frustrated | Monday 19 August 2013

The problem with the above system is that you cannot guarantee the recipient gets a certain amount of money. I sent some money to Chiang Mai in Thailand. It cost me $25 here then a Bangkok bank charged $15 and it was sent to Baltimore in the US ... $15, Then Dublin .. $15, then finally Chiang Mai Thailand $15. Third of the money was gone. Not your bank but you state the same policy that the inbetween banks may charge their own fees

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Lyn | Sunday 18 August 2013

I have sent money to Australia using internet banking electronically direct to a bank accout. The costs are horrendous so I wont be doing it anymore which is a shame when I have family over there. eg.$100 cost me $65 by the time my son got the money and he only got $76 Not a good service. This included bank charges in NZ exchange rate then bank charges at the other end Lyn

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philip price | Sunday 18 August 2013

this is great but I feel it would help if your customers could have access to the exchange rate of the currency that the transfer is working in. I find it frustrating trying to get the best rate possible and missing it because of delays in the system.

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Paul | Thursday 15 August 2013

I'm really glad to hear that the ability to save an international recipient's details has been reinstated. Common sense prevails!

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Tintin | Thursday 15 August 2013

How long does it take to enter the overseas account?

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Sher | Wednesday 14 August 2013

Is it possible to send money to Uganda using this service. It first has to go through a US bank account and then on?

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Arti | Tuesday 13 August 2013

The process is much easier with new features. Excellent job. As others, I'm also annoyed by the fact that recipients don’t receive full amounts. The service doesn't work for bill payments. Sending money as gifts works well.

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Allan | Tuesday 13 August 2013

Your remittance cost is very high, can you lower the rate for remittance to India. i get from others 10 $ with a very good exchange rate !!!

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R Clarke | Friday 09 August 2013

Thank you for responding to the problems with this service post roll-out (which made the process uneccesarily difficult). Note that when you are overseas and want to make a transfer the texting of the security code to the mobile phone does not seem to function. This may also need a workaround.

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Fernah | Tuesday 13 August 2013
I also have problems receiving texts of the on line codes overseas. Works fine in NZ but when I am overseas and try to change my number to my overseas cell phone number I don't get a on line code. How about a secure ID code generator?
ANZ Internet Banking Team | Friday 09 August 2013
Hi R Clarke, we do have some workarounds for this. So, if you are having problems receiving OnlineCode messages from overseas then please call us on +64 4 470 3142 and we can look into this for you.
Ken | Friday 09 August 2013

I have used ANZ Bank to transfer funds to Australia. Whilist ANZ Bank offer a very efficient service, it all comes at a price. For instance the ANZ Bank service fee in New Zealand in NZ dollars. The receiving ANZ Bank in Australia takes Australian dollars from the transferred amount.

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Dave | Friday 09 August 2013

There is no provision to pay overseas account fees which means if the recipient requires an exact amount, it will not be received. This online service is a waste of time (for some) until this can be sorted.

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ANZ Internet Banking Team | Friday 09 August 2013
Hi Dave, thanks for letting us know. We know this would be a great addition for some of our customers and we are looking into this for a future update.
Shila | Thursday 08 August 2013

Could ANZ add on MYR currency?I'm transfering the money almost every week and I hate the additional charges by overseas bank agent.

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ANZ Internet Banking Team | Friday 09 August 2013
Hi Shila, thanks for your feedback. MYR is a restricted currency which we are unable to offer to our customers at the moment
Lynda | Thursday 08 August 2013

I agree with Mike David and Peter. I dont see why we should pay an extra $10 per IMT at the branch because we want to pay the sellers fees and your internet system doesn't have that facility

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Kay | Thursday 08 August 2013

Great, I love that payee can be saved for next time, as this has been quite inconvenient. Well done ANZ

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Peter | Thursday 08 August 2013

You promote \"sending money overseas faster and easier............ Really is that why I've tried four times to send money overseas with no success

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ANZ Internet Banking Team | Friday 09 August 2013
Hi Peter, thanks for letting us know. If you have any issues please contact us on 0800 269 296 or +64 4 470 3142 if you are overseas so we can look into this further.
David | Thursday 08 August 2013

I second Mike's comment below. I can't really use the international feature online because the payees keep coming back saying 'I didn't get the full amount'. Very frustrating! I've brought this up numerous times at the branch (where it costs a lot more in fees). Please add this feature!!

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Mike | Thursday 08 August 2013

Are you able to make a check box option that is Sender pays overseas bank fees? The example you show above is incorrect \"Uncle Kelvin\" would not receive USD $500 because the bank at his end would subtract $15 - $25 dollars at their end. This means when I have gone to pay an overseas company an exact amount they they then have replied to say it was not enough because the bank had deducted a fee, and so I have had to use my credit card to make another transaction, to make up the difference this is very annoying. When I go into a bank to do an IMT I have the option to select \"sender pays overseas bank charges\", you really need this as an option on the online version for this service to be of any use.

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ANZ Internet Banking Team | Thursday 08 August 2013
Hi Mike, thanks for your feedback. We understand the frustration with intermediary banks and the recipient's bank charging fees on the amount you have sent. We have included information about this as you make a payment and we are working on adding the option to have the fees charged to you rather than be taken out of the payment for a future update.
harry | Thursday 08 August 2013

we need to eliminate the exchange rate next its ridiculous. you're going good anz.

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Scott | Wednesday 07 August 2013

Thank you! Having to supply the branch number with the previous version was a nightmare. This makes things a lot easier now.

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Kevin | Wednesday 07 August 2013

You should make an update to international money transfer option within Online Banking that will allow customers to make international money transfers not only in foreign currency (as it is now) but in New Zealand dollars as well. ASB online banking allows to send international money transfers made in NZD, you should take the example of that. Many overseas businesses working with NZ are setting up their accounts in NZD and that is why this option should exist.

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Anand | Wednesday 07 August 2013

Awesome! The save international payee option is the best thing to happen! Well done ANZ!

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