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We've changed the way you manage Term Deposits!

Wednesday 21 August 2013
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Some of our customers have told us they’d like to see some changes on how they open and then manage their Term Deposits within ANZ Internet Banking. We've listened to their feedback and made some enhancements making Term Deposits easier to use. Here's an overview of the main changes you'll see:  


More options when opening a Term Deposit – you can choose from our full range of terms and choose whether you want the principal and/or interest to be reinvested, or paid out and at which frequency.


Open a Term Deposit  


Rollover your Term Deposit– we’ll notify you three days before your Term Deposit is due to mature and give you the option to change your maturity instructions. These options include rolling the Term Deposit over for a different term and rate, or paying the Term Deposit out.

 Rollover a TD

View your Term Deposit advices – you can view your Term Deposit advices in Internet Banking by going to 'Messages & Documents' in the main menu and choosing 'Document Library'.


What other changes are coming soon?

We're also working on a number of other improvements based on feedback from our customers, including:

being able to future date a funds transfer between your accounts,

displaying foreign currency accounts,

and improving how you set up Automatic Payments.

- so watch this space!

Thank you for banking with ANZ.

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GWC | Thursday 12 September 2013

Very good additional service to customers. I'll be using it!

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BD | Thursday 12 September 2013

This is a good idea. One of two reasons I go into the branch is to reinvest my term deposit. This saves me a trip and gets the job done at the right time. The other transaction I do at the branch is to order foreign cash. I realize I still have to go into the branch to pick it up but it would be nice to order it on line.

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Bronnie | Monday 09 September 2013

I like to shop around and see what other banks are offering for term deposit interests. There is no where to comment or lodge a request?

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K1W1 | Monday 09 September 2013

Being an Australian tax paying resident , I always forget to phone my bank prior to maturity date, to voice my term options, such was the case with my last maturity date, as it fell on a friday. The time difference is currently 4hrs, 5 with daylight saving, so this new format online for term deposits is a step in the right direction. Happy to utilise this option. Cool Kiwi!

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Michael | Wednesday 04 September 2013

This is a much-appreciated update and provides the ability for customers to manage term deposits without a phone call or email to the contact centre. It will be very useful. This is further proof that you're listening to your customers ! Thanks.

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Suggestions | Sunday 01 September 2013

Please consider the following amendments where interest is to be paid intermittantly:- 1.Please give the current period of deposit regarding start and maturity dates. I am not interested on date of first deposit if such deposits are renewed for further periods. I am not interested in past history though such dates may be useful to you. I require the current date of deposit and maturity to plan the fate of the deposit on the maturity date. 2.If interest is paid intermittently, please indicate the date and amount of the next payment. It enables the depositor to budget his expenditure and plan his expenses. 3. All the other exposures will remain the same.

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ANZ Internet Banking Team | Monday 02 September 2013
Hi Suggestions, thanks for your feedback on how we can improve how you rollover your Term Deposits in Internet Banking. We will take your suggestions into consideration for a future update.