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Saturday 23 November 2013
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We’ve listened to your feedback and made more great enhancements to ANZ Internet Banking.

Changes to sending money overseas

For starters, we’ve made a few changes to how you can send money overseas through ANZ Internet Banking, to make it an even better service.

Now, when using the 'Send money overseas' feature* within Internet Banking you’ll be able to pay the overseas bank fees up front, and from your account (on selected currencies only)**.

Send money overseas with the ability to pay overseas bank fees upfront

You can also send New Zealand dollars to the Cook Islands where the New Zealand Dollar is the local trading currency.

Other enhancements we've made:

We’ve also made some changes to the Transfer Funds page to make the steps in the process a bit clearer to understand. We're also working on making other improvements to funds transfers, including being able to make future dated transfers between your accounts.

New Transfer Funds page

Along with these changes, we'd also like to recommend for the best experience that you view ANZ Internet Banking using the latest version of the following browsers:

- Internet Explorer

- Firefox

- Chrome

Let us know what you think

Please let us know what you think of the improvements through our online survey and what else you want to see in your Internet Banking. You can access this via the Log off page.

What other changes are coming soon?

We're also working on a number of other improvements based on feedback from our customers, including being able to make future dated transfers between your accounts.

We'll also be updating our goMoney apps soon.

Want some more help with ANZ Internet Banking?

Don't forget you can also view step-by-step guides explaining how to bank online by clicking on the Help icon within ANZ Internet Banking.

* Please note you need to be registered for the 'Send money overseas' function. If you wish to use this function in the future, Please visit your nearest branch or call us on 0800 269 296 (personal customers), or 0800 269 249 (business/rural customers) or +64 4 470 3142 (if you are overseas) to register. Registration criteria may apply.

** Additional fees may be deducted from the payment amount by the recipient bank or any intermediary bank.

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Roly | Friday 13 December 2013

Future dated transfers/payments can't come quick enough. Aussie has had it for years! Current interest rate on \"Online Savings Account\" displayed in the account info would be an advantage. Again, done with my Aussie Online Account. Got to be better than Australia!

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Bobos | Thursday 12 December 2013

You are doing a good job on the web site. The provision to make future transfers is a must and I see that it is going to happen. I is good that you are taking customers along with you when you are developing this site and other decisions of change you are doing. Nice one Thanks

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Dee | Wednesday 11 December 2013

Was hoping to see the future payment option for pre dating credit card payments as we used to be able to do. Very annoying not being able to do this now!!

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Porky | Thursday 05 December 2013


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Barb | Monday 02 December 2013

Very happy that you're introducing the ability to make future-dated transfers between account!

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Kim | Wednesday 27 November 2013

I would like to be able to amend saved payees details i.e. bank number, reference etc. At the moment I have to delete then re enter them. Thanks that you take our comments into consideration . Cheers

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John | Wednesday 27 November 2013

I want to be able to pay my credit card off on the due date. Previously I could forward date the payment, but now I can't do this. I either have to pay it off early, or remember to pay it off on the correct day. This looks like a cynical attempt to ensure the ANZ receives payment early, or can charge its customers who miss the date late fees and the eye watering interest rates on the outstanding balance. To wrap this up as an improvement is sickening. C'mon - the ANZ is better than this!

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pkg | Wednesday 11 December 2013
Absolutely correct ! I also want to pay my credit card off on the due date. Previously I could able to set the payment for a future date but not now . I have to remember the date which is a big issue having credit card from ANZ . I don't know if there is alternative for me to pay my credit card bill with peace of mind (i.e. setting up payment in advance using my ANZ account ) ANZ should provide a way to set the payment for a suture date for credit care account .
Dave | Wednesday 11 December 2013
John why don't you set up your Credit Card as a payee. I have done this since the days of Countrywide, through National Bank and have continued this method with ANZ - in fact I have done this with all my other accounts so I have had forward dated transfers now for well over 14 years.
P J Shaw | Wednesday 27 November 2013

Overseas changes are good . However , why can't we see the interest rates displayed on our loan accounts when accessing online banking?

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ChrisFox | Wednesday 27 November 2013

Nice updates. Good work. Keep 'em coming!

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Rebecca | Monday 25 November 2013

I would also like to be able to forward date a transfer between accounts. I can do this with my Kiwibank account- would be good to be able to do this with my main accounts which are with ANZ

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MA | Sunday 24 November 2013

Bad bad improvements. I don't care about overseas transactions. Leave the account to account transactions it as it was before. THE AMOUNT SHOULD BE AT THE TOP not at the bottom! With the new changes. Extra scrolling is required each time when trying to transfer amounts from account to account. Display the account suffixes not your product names. Who cares about the product names. They come and go but suffixes stay the same. A very dissatisfied customer with the latest changes.

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Judith | Saturday 23 November 2013

I don't send money overseas but the rest of the changes are very good. But I still don't see any change to the large number of pages sent by post for Visa Accounts. The back page is printed on every side. Why not just one side only? It seems to me a great waste of paper and trees. It's hard to dispose of too. I'm also glad to see that we can access our accounts from the Document Library as from a certain point in time for each account. Well done on that one!

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Matt | Saturday 23 November 2013

Nice update, glad you're working on making transfers for a future date.

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