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Better banking on the go, with improvements to ANZ goMoney!

Monday 02 December 2013
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We’ve made changes to ANZ goMoney to improve how you manage your finances on the go. We’ve listened to your feedback and we’ll continue to make updates in the future to make ANZ goMoney a better banking experience.

Easier business banking
Are you a business customer wanting to see both your business and personal accounts when you log on? Next time you log onto ANZ goMoney you’ll be able to view and manage your business accounts as well as your personal ones, including transferring money, paying bills, and more.

Your ANZ goMoney app should update automatically (dependent on your phone settings). If your phone isn’t set for automatic updates, or if for any reason it doesn’t update, simply visit the iTunes App store* or Google Play to update your ANZ goMoney app.

If you’d rather not see your business accounts, simply go to the ‘Customer Select’ screen within ‘Preferences’ in your ANZ goMoney app and select which ‘Customers‘ to turn off. Please note you cannot turn off seeing your personal accounts.

goMoney preferences page

For more information, view our handy video below for more information on viewing business and personal accounts.

Move your accounts around, and give them nicknames

You can now re-order your accounts within ANZ goMoney. So move your business accounts around to be separate from your personal accounts, or put your everyday account at the top of your accounts screen so you can quickly check how much spending money you have left for the week.

While you’re at it, give your accounts nick names within ANZ goMoney (no more logging into ANZ Internet Banking to do so). For example if you have business and personal accounts showing in ANZ goMoney, you can give them nicknames to quickly tell them apart.


Find out more about ANZ goMoney

Visit our ANZ goMoney site for more information on our fastest, most secure app yet.

Keep an eye out for more changes coming soon to ANZ goMoney.

Thank you for banking with ANZ.

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Google Play is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

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Vince | Sunday 13 April 2014

Love this app!

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Phil | Saturday 29 March 2014

Please stop ignoring us windows phone users. We need this app! Please at least acknowledge that you are aware of windows phones. If you're not going to build an app just say so, so we can stop asking.

Reply 1 people like this

Dave | Monday 24 March 2014

GoMoney for Windows Phone would be great.

Reply 1 people like this

Bob | Wednesday 19 March 2014

Looks good, when is the Windows Phone version coming?

Reply 2 people like this

Sean | Thursday 12 December 2013

Honestly, as soon as this app came out I fell in love with it! It really is awesome! I love how easy and fast it works and how convenient it is. Good stuff ANZ!

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Adrian J | Wednesday 11 December 2013

Hello. Is there a goMoney App in the works for Windows Phone?

Reply 6 people like this

Wayne | Saturday 07 December 2013

Are you planning Android and Windows phone apps please

Reply 2 people like this

Spoonge bob | Saturday 07 December 2013

The app is really great, it would be awesome if we could manage oversea transfer from within

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MS | Thursday 05 December 2013

I do not understand why the first account balance in the list is so huge and highlighted in blue. This is bad when out in public because everyone can see your account balance so easily if they are standing behind you. Can this be changed please?

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GTiRpilot | Thursday 05 December 2013

Not available on my Samsung Galaxy SII. Says its up to date but the business account feature is nowhere to be seen.

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Bryan | Thursday 05 December 2013

Fantastic - Thank You !

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Leanne | Wednesday 04 December 2013

So much easier getting access to your account with only having to enter in your pin number

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Ross Bellette | Tuesday 03 December 2013


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Deepak | Tuesday 03 December 2013

Excellent APP. Easy to use and to transfer funds from personal to business accounts and vice versa. Well done ANZ.

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Dennis | Monday 02 December 2013

The ANZ goMoney iPhone app is fantastic, I got it as soon as it came out and use it all the time, it's quick, easy, and set out great, these new updates are excellent, I sent in awhile ago about being able to do the nick names, on iPhone and iPads glad to see ANZ does listen, great work, and by the way, I have been with ANZ for the past 10 years and have never looked back, previously I was with ASB for 20 years, and you know what ANZ have done 3 times as much for me, in half the time I was with ASB, so thanks you guys keep up the good work, cheers Dennis

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Phill | Monday 02 December 2013

Nice changes. Love the fact I can re-order my accounts now and have my regular spending account up top instead of my home loan.

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