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Foreign Currency Accounts now available in ANZ Internet Banking!

Thursday 05 December 2013
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Following on from our recent changes to how you can send money overseas in ANZ Internet Banking, we’ve now made Foreign Currency Accounts available through ANZ Internet Banking.

What does having access to my Foreign Currency Accounts in ANZ Internet Banking mean?

This means you can now access your Foreign Currency Account information online, on-demand, without making a trip to your local branch. 

View your Foreign Currency Accounts in Internet Banking

Send money overseas using the funds held in your Foreign Currency Accounts.

Send money overseas from your Foreign Currency Account

You can also now transfer money between your Foreign Currency Accounts and your standard ANZ accounts in real time. Plus export your Foreign Currency Account transaction records to help reconcile accounts anytime (no more waiting for an end of month statement).

Transfer to and from your Foreign Currency Accounts

Sending Money Overseas is easy in ANZ Internet Banking:

Don’t forget our other recent changes to sending money overseas through ANZ Internet Banking. These include:

- Paying the overseas bank fees up front(on selected currencies only)*

- Send New Zealand dollars to the Cook Islands where the New Zealand Dollar is the local trading currency.

Electronic Banking Conditions of Use and General Terms and Conditions updates

With the introduction of Foreign Currency Accounts in ANZ Internet Banking, we have added a new section on 'How to make ANZ - ANZ electronic payments to or from a Foreign Currency Account' to the Electronic Banking section of the Electronic Banking Conditions of Use and General Terms and Conditions. 

We have updated the definition of Mobile Phone Banking.

We have also redrafted the following sections of the Electronic Banking Conditions of Use so they are easier to read:

- How to protect your PINs and passwords

- How you can help stop unauthorised access to your accounts through Internet Banking (including a new requirement not to enter your log on details onto a third party website)

- How you can stop unauthorised access to your accounts through Mobile Phone Banking

View the changes to the Electronic Banking Conditions of Use

View a full copy of the new Electronic Banking Conditions of Use

More information

Don’t forget you can also view step-by-step guides explaining how to bank online by clicking on the Help icon within ANZ Internet Banking.

What other changes are coming soon?

We're also working on a number of other improvements based on feedback from our customers, including being able to make future dated transfers between your accounts.


* Additional fees may be deducted from the payment amount by the recipient bank or any intermediary bank.

For more information, visit your nearest ANZ branch or speak to one of our Foreign Currency Account specialists by calling 0800 863 863. Terms, fees and conditions may apply. Transaction limits may apply.

Our Reserve Bank disclosure statement is available on or on request from any ANZ branch, free of charge.

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For Curr | Sunday 15 December 2013

This foreign currency update was well timed as I was about to leave ANZ because this has frustrated me for many years. This may just be enough to keep me a customer

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