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Saturday 12 July 2014
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You can now set a PIN for your card, choose to stop receiving your credit card statements in the mail and set up an alert so you know when your credit card payment is due. It's also easier to set up automatic payments between your accounts and to payees.


Set the PIN for your EFTPOS, Visa Debit or Credit Card

Now you can set a PIN, or change it in Internet Banking for your ANZ EFTPOS, Visa Debit or credit card, rather than going to a branch.

It’s really easy – all you need to do it is select the ‘Set card PIN’ option under settings, set your PIN and you’re ready to use your card. 

As signatures will no longer be accepted soon for purchases on credit cards issued in New Zealand, you’ll need to use a PIN to make a purchase, or use contactless for purchases under $80. Setting a PIN in Internet Banking is an easy way to get a PIN set up and avoid any issues when using your card. You may still be offered the option to sign for your purchase in some restaurants and cafés, however for most of your purchases you will soon be required to use a PIN.


Set card PIN image


Stop your credit card statements and set up an alert

If you'd prefer not to receive a paper statement and view it online instead, simply select 'Statement options' in Settings and follow the prompts.

In a few easy steps, you'll be saving paper, and have an alert set up, so you know when you can view your statement in Internet Banking, as soon as it's available and when you need to make a payment to your card.


Statement stopper image


Once you've chosen to turn your credit card statement off, you will be prompted to set up an alert so you know when your payment is due.


Statement stopper alert message image


After you have entered your email address, you'll be able to choose to receive an email alert when your next credit card statement is available to view online.


Statement stopper alert message image


You can now more easily set up automatic payments

We're always listening to feedback and following on from our last update where we added future dated transfers, we have now made it easier for you to set up automatic payments between your own accounts, as well as to saved and new payees.

To set up an automatic payment between your own accounts, select 'Transfer Funds' and select the 'Make this an automatic payment' option.

For payments to saved and new payees, choose the 'Make this an automatic payment' option under 'Pay a person or a bill'.

You can also skip an automatic payment by going to ‘Upcoming Payments’ and selecting 'View', then select the ‘Skip this payment’ link.


Automatic payments image


Coming soon - edit payees

In our next update you will be able edit your payees as well as view and delete international payees. Watch this space!

If you aren’t registered for Internet Banking and want to take advantage of these exciting changes, visit, or call us on 0800 269 296.

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Tuaraki | Sunday 03 August 2014

This is great we are moving to technology which sometimes I find hard as I am use to a hard copy, I am slowly getting use to no statements and will now start with my credit card. I like the reminder of my balance and how much is required, which alerted me to some transaction I didn't know about and will contact the bank. I would like to have more control on HPs when a company does it, Keep up the good work.

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Martin | Thursday 31 July 2014

Excellent thank you.

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narnii | Wednesday 30 July 2014

good thinking kiwis :) .. love it

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gipsee | Wednesday 30 July 2014

Useful changes. As for the bank statement perhaps it could emailed to those who would like it. I would also like to propose that for logging in to the internet banking could a provision for an option to show the password be provided for those who want it. This will then eliminate a wrong entry be keyed in.

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Rose | Tuesday 29 July 2014

All good changes. I think you have a bug with the recent changes, I just tried to transfer money from one account to another in both the longer transfer option from top menu and also the fast version in right hand menu. In both cases the drop down menu didn't display. I called phone banking to get them to make the transfer.

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Jenny | Tuesday 29 July 2014

Changes do sound good..... however gripe gripe i can't register for the new Online Code system. I'm in Oz and the phone number for international users is not connecting via landline and mobile phone VERY FRUSTRATING, specially when you have bills to pay in NZ...aaagh

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Jackie | Monday 28 July 2014

One thing I would like to be able to do, is go back to payments made and check the bank account it was paid into. I have thought I had paid an account but the person didn't receive, so I want to go back and see who I did pay!

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OverIt | Monday 28 July 2014

The online security feature is a real pain. It's slowed up the entire process of making one of transfers so it is no longer a quick job. That if it event works. I've had to log off and log back in again. what a fiasco. At least give me the option to turn the damn thing off. I unchecked it in the selections but that doesn't seem to work either. Test your developments before you force these changes on us.

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slare | Sunday 27 July 2014

I like it :D

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camo | Saturday 26 July 2014

Peaking! The best eva! I can now change my pin online.... this is awesome.

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Julie J | Saturday 26 July 2014

Changes are excellent. One thing I would like to see is: when I go to set up a bill I like to check whether I have set it up already before making a new payment,(Ihave doubled up payments in the past :) ) so it would be great to be able to select MAKE PAYMENT from the View Upcoming Payment screen, or even if the right hand side of the screen gave the option like on the Home page where the option is for making a payment on Quick Links. cheers Julie

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Paul | Friday 25 July 2014

Come on go back to what you had or you won't have may be ok for younger persons to follow but not my age group.

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Robin | Thursday 24 July 2014

very useful to change passwords. Re Visa statements- would it be possible to show a daily balance on a Visa account online- in the same way that other accounts have on the right hand side of the statement. At the moment, I have keep adding things up myself, as I pay money to the Visa at various times as it suits. thanks.

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Heather | Thursday 24 July 2014

Great, the more options the better!

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Penelope Passionfruit | Wednesday 23 July 2014

Excellent additional features especially the setting up of automatic payments.

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Justine | Tuesday 22 July 2014

great clear easy steps

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DJM | Monday 21 July 2014

Good changes. However one i would really like to see is being able to view past payments made to any particular payee. This used to be available on your old site and now the function has dropped off. This is used to be extremely handy and also very secure. Please enable!! Thanks.

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Liza | Monday 21 July 2014

Online pin change that is great feature. Keep up the great work. I love it.

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Morgan | Sunday 20 July 2014

Yay for pinning cards via internet banking

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Paul | Sunday 20 July 2014

PIN change is a great idea, well done. How about showing the total balance of your accounts on the Account Overview page.

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Matthew | Sunday 20 July 2014

Glad to finally be rid of credit card paper statements. It was just more unnecessary junk I was having to throw away. And the email notifications are a great idea.

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Singh | Sunday 20 July 2014

Really easy to use. Secured and Fast

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Phil | Saturday 19 July 2014

Great that you have finally tied Automatic Payments in with saved payees and generally improved the AP creation process. Other banks were doing this ages ago but credit to you for listening to our feedback! Thank you.

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Nico | Saturday 19 July 2014

Changing your PIN online is a fantastic feature. Thank you! One suggestion, could you please use an alphanumeric keypad as is seen on on the keypads. I am sure I am not the only person who writes a four letter word instead of having to remember numbers.

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BevOC | Friday 18 July 2014

great, hate paper statements

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Susan | Friday 18 July 2014

For a future update, I'd love to see a spending tracking tool like the one Kiwibank has. Or an option to automatically round up spending and send the extra into a savings account like ASB.

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Maureen | Friday 18 July 2014

I was hoping it would include transactions on the weekend being correctly shown as happening on the weekend ( Not the following Monday) and and also as they occur, as other banks do....

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Charles | Friday 18 July 2014

Some more incremental improvements to what is already a very good web site. There is still a major shortcoming in the credit card display, one that I have mentioned before and which I have been told is a Visa restriction, not an ANZ one. The total owing on a credit card includes transactions that are not shown in the detail. I have been told that this is because of pre-auths and difficulty in showing these, but if the total includes all transactions then surely the details should also show the same. With pre-auths it is even more important to show the detail - if I see that I owe $5,000 total on Visa and I am only expecting $4,000 then I want to know about the difference. That difference could be a fraudulent transaction. Pre-auths can be clearly flagged as such. Get on to Visa and get them into the current century.

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Carpe Diem | Friday 18 July 2014

Excellent and your staff on phone are well trained and helpful too. Just wish you were 100% NZ owned

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Joy | Friday 18 July 2014


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RoseM | Friday 18 July 2014

Yes I like the service doing online banking is so easy. Nothing worse than mail clogging the mailbox.

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J Dogg | Thursday 17 July 2014

Does anybody still listen to Soundgarden? I love listening to them while checking out the great new improvements on my ANZ online banking.

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Megan | Thursday 17 July 2014

Thanks for the automatic payment option - that makes life much easier and stops having to repeat information. I look forward to the payee editing feature too. One update I'm not so fussed on though is you can no longer see the daily unit value of the kiwisaver fund in the transactions screen, please bring this feature back. Thanks, Megan

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Khurram | Thursday 17 July 2014

Ver Good stuff wi9th continuous imprivement in banking facilities.its very easy for us to manage account with automatic payments etc.

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Tom | Wednesday 16 July 2014

Yes,it can now do more online.

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a | Wednesday 16 July 2014

why is there no automatic payment option for my online account? this is where i house my money and do mots of my transfers from

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rover | Friday 18 July 2014
Finally a 'paperless' bank! I agree with 'a' regarding a facility to make automatic transfers from On-line Savings. The ability to make an automatic top-up when another account reaches a defined minimum would be fantastic.
AhGee | Wednesday 16 July 2014

The improvements to payee creation is great but its still a pain when you need to change details _ editing is long overdue so I cant wait. Thanks

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Thomas | Wednesday 16 July 2014

Great stuff and well done!!! Please consider Windows Phone app as your competitors have great apps that make life easy on WP

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Steve | Tuesday 15 July 2014

Excellent, automatic payments is getting there! I also see in another recent update we can now run internal account transfers automatically too (maybe this should also appear on Automatic Payments?). Am still hanging out for editing Payees (I see it's coming soon) but great to see you're listening to your customers.

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Fernando | Monday 14 July 2014

Unecessary updates. There's hardly any improvements. The payee list for automatic and bill payments is looking good though. What you should update is: Credit Card - show time stamps of the transactions on the statement - closing dates of statement should be exactly what you are being charged for (I could never work it out, going through my statement, if the closing balance is really accurate.) If the period is from the 12th of may to 11th of apr, e.g., that's how it should show in the statement.) We should have more information on all statements as well, as many as possible. Time of transaction, Item purchased (if possible), etc.

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midnight mouse | Monday 14 July 2014

I have waited 25 years for this moment! No paper, 1 copy on my hard drive, another on my backup and a third safely stored at the NSA. But seriously, I have waited this long, love internet banking and what I can do in my home at my time. Been loyal for 44 years

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larry | Monday 14 July 2014

nice updates

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K Grohl | Monday 14 July 2014

Good stuff. You seem to be listening to your customers, which is really great to see.

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Mark | Sunday 13 July 2014

Online card statements, now thats progress, thanks ANZ

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Barbara | Sunday 13 July 2014

I will still prefer to get my statement in the mail. Once you have updated so that I can see a running balance on the credit card like I can with the bank accounts I will stop my paper statements.

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Ross | Sunday 13 July 2014


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NA | Sunday 13 July 2014

Thanks for these new developments, keep them coming! Looking forward to being able to change my pin on my ANZ Eftpos card...

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Pip | Saturday 12 July 2014

Thank you for your update. I will arrange for online version of credit card statement only. Also, I'm pleased the it will now be possible to be able to automatically transfer funds between accounts.

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Bryan | Saturday 12 July 2014

Automatic payments... a very welcome enhancement. I was very surprised and disappointed to find it wasn't there when we first switched to ANZ, but all happy again now... might stay with ANZ after all :-)

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Janet | Saturday 12 July 2014

This is awesome, finally we can now turn of paper statements for our credit cards, thank you. This will now it easier when one is travelling overseas, no statements arriving in the letterbox:)

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Matt | Saturday 12 July 2014

I especially like how I can use my saved payees to make automatic payments.

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