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Save time with your banking online - you can now edit payees!

Saturday 13 September 2014
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We've listened to what you want and now you can edit your payees, rather than have to delete them and set up new payees, if any details change. You'll save time when you need to make changes to your payees, as you don't have to remember all the payee details, and can simply make the change and it's ready to use.

To edit your payees go to the 'Pay & Transfer' menu and select 'Manage Payees'.


Edit payee



We've also updated the look and feel for the Manage Payees page and how you manage Groups. Customers with International payees can now also view and delete them.



Manage payees



New look and feel Log on page coming soon


Also, in November 2014, we'll be changing the design of the log on page to Internet Banking. We are making this change to be inline with the rest of Internet Banking's fresh look. We'll remind you closer to the time of the changeover, so you know that it's us making the change and not anything 'phishy'.

As always, remember to type into your browser and then log on - we'll never send you a link to log on to Internet Banking.

Here's what the new log on page will look like.



New log on page



From early November 2014, we'll no longer support IE6 and IE7 for ANZ Internet Banking. If you use either of these browsers, you will need to upgrade or use another browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.


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Mike | Thursday 25 September 2014

At last, payees can be edited!

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5mitty | Wednesday 24 September 2014

It was one thing that did frustrate me, it's fantastic that you have fixed the problem. Many thanks

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Jude | Friday 19 September 2014

Great! At last we can edit our payees.

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P Carston | Friday 19 September 2014

We signed up both our 2 children banking with ANZ while they are both still at College, great to be kept informed of changes happening...meantime encourage more New Zealand businesses, schools, companies to make the change in \"Smart thinking, Smart banking, Smart Phones are the Future\"...Kia ora!

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Jonathan | Thursday 18 September 2014

This update is great but I see in your 'Account services charges' section under 'Bill payments (BPs) – fees per BP' that 'Alterations to payee details' cost $5! yet you do not mention it here? Or have I misunderstood this somewhere?

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cory | Thursday 18 September 2014

can we please get a windows phone money app???

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RedDevil79NZ | Thursday 25 September 2014
At the end of last year, ANZ said to expect an announcement early 2014... still nothing! The ASB app is one of the top rated Windows Phone Store apps. Might be worth swapping banks because most of my daily online activity is done via my smart phone. Very frustrating!
National Bank Customer | Thursday 18 September 2014

I am happy that you have finally added an edit button for Payees, now how about a search button so you don't have to scroll all the way down the page each time you are looking for a payee. Why can't I add a new Payee anymore? Also, why is the Pay a Group of people playing up? If I had a bill of say $52,000.00, I used to be able to split up payments into two $25,000.00 and one $2,000.00. Yesterday it wouldn't let me make anymore than one payment of $25,000.00 at any given time???

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Chrissymac | Wednesday 17 September 2014

Your messages are clear and to the point. I like the look of the new Log On page - not so cluttered. Talking about clutter though, the Home page where one's accounts are displayed is becoming a little cluttered, forcing the balances further down the screen. Can you put on your thinking caps please? I certainly like the idea of being able to Edit payees rather than deleting and reinstalling them. Hey, what's with this \"security code\" that you send to our mobiles when we set up a new payee? As someone who works in a place where mobiles are not permitted it caused some inconvenience last time, however your nice man at the Help desk very kindly overrode the code so that I could set up on that occasion without it. Does anyone else find it a nuisance?

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Laurel | Wednesday 17 September 2014

Awesome! Loving the new updates as they are coming, ANZ. I see some of the other banks that my family have registered with, and they don't even have half of what you offer now. A real big turn around from where you were in the last couple of years!

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Do not have one | Tuesday 16 September 2014

Looks most efficient, cannot envision any problems. Should make for more efficiency? G

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neil | Tuesday 16 September 2014

I think the updates are great! I like the fact i am able to edit payees etc, also setting up a credit card payment would be good for a regular thing, but all in all, i think great improvements, I have been with National/ANZ for over 10 years and always wanted these simple changes to happen..

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Old timer | Monday 15 September 2014

For me i wish you would leave things as they were, would be nice if things stayed the same for simple sake.

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Xerxes | Monday 15 September 2014

One of the most powerful features ever and the best offered by any online banking

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Lean | Sunday 14 September 2014

Awesome! I like the Edit the Payee as after making a payment and saving em. Sometimes I wanted to make changes on the Payee on how it should be set up. It would be great if my request of automatic payment for Credit Card would be implemented. I asked because I usually set up an automatic payment maybe a week or more and days just before it gets paid I always check my upcoming payment as a heads up if everything is correct. Keep up the great work!

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Rascal | Saturday 13 September 2014

How do i ascertain what my browser is? Scared stiff now. Us oldies cannot afford to just go out and buy new computers and we are the ones with term deposits with you to live off and so you can lend to other customers to make profits so howabout not making our lives harder as the int rates shd have gone up but no.....

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JM | Monday 15 September 2014
You dont need a new computer.It just means if you're using Internet Exporer to browse the web, just Google search Mozilla or google chrome.Download off the site, install and use instead of internet exporer (blue symbol).