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New look and feel log on and off pages

Friday 03 October 2014
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In November 2014, we'll be changing the design of the log on and log off pages for Internet Banking. We are making this change to be in line with the rest of Internet Banking's fresh look.


We're letting you know now, so you know that it's us making the change and not anything 'phishy'. As always, remember to type into your browser and then log on - we'll never send you a link to log on to Internet Banking. Here's what the new log on page will look like.

New log on page


We're also making it really easy to get back to the ANZ website from the log off page. Here's what the new log off page will look like.



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Thomas | Thursday 23 October 2014

It's a good idea to update this but i don't see anything broken here... There are other things that could make banking easier for some of us. Would really appreciate an ANZ Windows Phone app. ASB has the best WP app so far.

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AnythingisbetterthanWestpac | Wednesday 22 October 2014

So, is it mobile friendly? Those of us who don't use crapple or android phones have to muck around on an old school, full screen website rather than the apps - which BTW no longer work on my android tablet. Just putting it out there.

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Bonjourjamjars | Wednesday 22 October 2014

Love how the new look works a lot better.. would help tho, if it was designed for mobile phones too... I have a blackberry so I can't download the app for androids or iphones etc... cheers

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Jose | Wednesday 22 October 2014

I am still missing the option to view past payments, so much easier than having to go through statements to find out.

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Tim | Tuesday 21 October 2014

No problem, looks good. However it wasn't broken as far as I'm concerned.... Would rather the $$ and energy was put into making the Go Money app compatible with BlackBerry 10. I realize that these aren't a common smart phone but I know of quite a few people with them that would like to able to access Go Money from their phone.

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Dean | Tuesday 21 October 2014

Thanks for the advance warning.

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Angele | Tuesday 21 October 2014

I like the new update - well done. I wonder if it would be possible to have a facility whereby you can trace all the payments received say, from one particular customer over a year? This would work like a \"search\" for either payments made or received. Just an idea...

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Gail | Tuesday 21 October 2014


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Bill Hamlin | Monday 20 October 2014

good idea the update for the log on for internet banking. My feeling is that its long overdue.

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Sarah | Monday 20 October 2014

Thanks for letting us know in advance

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Jellicoe | Monday 20 October 2014

Looks good :) I like the easy link on the good-bye page - should be useful :)

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Dalton | Monday 20 October 2014

Thank you for keeping me informed

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Christine | Friday 17 October 2014

People tend to look to the center of the page for items, so I think this is a good idea. Just makes it that much simpler.

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babalong | Friday 17 October 2014

it would be great if we can edit our bill payees instead of delete and reinstalling them again. Sometimes we may need to change the account number for the bank or for the company to know it's me. Love the new look too.

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ANZ Internet Banking Team | Sunday 19 October 2014
Hi babalong, great news you can now edit your payees by going to the 'Manage Payees' page in the 'Pay & Transfer' menu.
sheila | Thursday 16 October 2014

I think it should be much better without waiting the online code through the cell phone if one is overseas. The coverage or connection problem might occurs in some areas. I did have the troubles which happened in September and yesterday. The assistance is always immediate and appreciated, but the cost of the international calls is an issue too. Thanks

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J Trower | Thursday 16 October 2014

I find with bill payments there is often not enough space to allow for the full name of the company or person in the allocated space.

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Nash | Thursday 16 October 2014

HAH! Finally, it looks mobile friendly. It's been long enough! Your app, however is fantastic!

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Bruce | Thursday 16 October 2014

If someone is using the Internet Banking log-in page, most of them will have already switched to ANZ. Existing customers don't need to be encouraged - you'd be better off promoting something else ? New Subject: In the interests of customer account security, should you be forcing password changes on a regular basis?

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Fleur | Friday 17 October 2014
Actually the amount of people who \"Google\" sites instead of typing it in is huge and contributed to heaps of fraud due to \"phishing\" sites. Are you saying that the bank should stop promoting products for existing customers? I like the fact that the bank isn't just concerned with attracting new customers and seems to actually want to hold on to the ones it has as well. Loving the internet banking chnages!!
kiwisi | Thursday 16 October 2014

Yay! Do you think you will do an account like ASB, where you can \"change up\" when making purchased and the difference goes to your savings?

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Wayne | Thursday 16 October 2014

Eating the food is a better way to judge, rather than just looking at the delicious looking plate of food. The proof will be in the eating. Good to have advance notice. Westpac Australia recently went through some internet banking changes - very poorly!!! Hope yours are better

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