ANZ 5 Week Business Boot Up

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Your step-by-step guide to Business Start-up or Boot-up

Owning your own business can be one of the most exciting, rewarding and satisfying things you'll ever do. But whether you're starting out or booting up an existing business, there's so much to think about and learn.

That’s why we’ve created the ANZ Business Boot Up - a step-by-step guide to starting your business. This programme will help you make your business idea happen. Each module covers specific themes and breaks them down covering key parts of your start-up journey, with great tools and resources to help you work through each step.

And because it’s online, you can work through it whenever you want, at your own pace.


Exciting, energising, and terrifying all at once

This topic is about nurturing your first ideas into more than an exciting feeling. You’ll clarify your idea so you can describe it succinctly. You’ll know exactly why you want to start your own business, define what ‘success’ means to you, and pinpoint the skills you need to succeed.

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Define your uniqueness, then tell customers

This topic is about branding and marketing. You’ll work out who needs what you’re offering and how to reach them. You’ll define what makes your business special and how you want to come across to your customers. We’ll look at using social media for low or no-cost advertising.

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Focus on people and relationships

This topic is about people – key to your happiness at work and your financial success. You’ll consider who could mentor, advise, and fund you, and why you would reach out to them. You will think about which business people you could collaborate with, and who you might hire down the line.

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Make sure you make money

This topic is about cold, hard cash! You’re about to find out what ‘break-even point’, ‘bootstrapping’, and ‘cashflow forecast’ mean. You’ll know what to think about when setting your price. And you’ll create a business plan that attracts investors.

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Tick off the administration

This topic is about compliance and paperwork. Find out how to register a business, how tax will work for the first few years, and how to protect yourself with insurance and effective contracts. Get the latest on your health and safety obligations, making payroll painless, being paid, and setting up your accounts.

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