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ANZ recognises that Early Childcare Education is an important sector in New Zealand. It has experienced strong growth, underpinned by a number of indicators, including an increasing number of dual income families and increased recognition of the benefits of Early Childcare education.

That’s why we have developed some great insights to help Early Childcare businesses succeed.


ANZ’s Insights team has created a financial benchmark for the early childcare sector that shows how centres are performing across key financial metrics. The number of child licenses are overlaid to provide metrics on a per-child basis.

Benchmarking can show if your business is outperforming or reveal opportunities where you could help improve the performance of your business. Furthermore, if you’re looking to buy or sell an Early Childcare business, benchmarking may provide valuable insights for you to discuss with your professional advisors.



We can also provide insights to assist with growth. Our Geospatial Tool may significantly reduce your research burden by visualising publicly available data which may be relevant to your new acquisitions or developments. This tool may assist you with:

  • Understanding early childcare centre saturation in the area surrounding your targeted location
  • Understanding the demographic makeup of the surrounding area, such as the population of children aged under four, median age, workplaces and household incomes
  • Identifying complementary services, such as primary schools and train stations.

Whether you are purchasing an Early Childcare business along with a property; are looking to develop a site for a purpose-built centre; or are after day-to-day banking solutions, ANZ can help.


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