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Work out the sum insured for your house

It's now the responsibility of the homeowner to provide a sum insured amount for their house insurance. This figure needs to be sufficient to cover the total replacement costs for their particular home - otherwise there is a risk of being underinsured.

There are some simple things you can do to work out your sum insured amount, such as using an online calculator or engaging a professional.

Cordell house insurance calculator

To help you work out your sum insured amount, you can use this calculator provided by Cordell.

Engage a professional.

Depending on your circumstances, it may be appropriate to use the services of a qualified professional to help work out a sum insured amount. They would need to provide an insurance valuation for rebuild purposes rather than a market valuation.

Quantity Surveyor

Quantity Surveyors are used to estimate the full cost of a building project. They consider what needs to be done to get the section ready to be built on as well as the materials and the labour required to build the house.

A Quantity Surveyor can be engaged to provide you with an insurance valuation for rebuild purposes for your property. They will visit your home and provide you with a comprehensive report and reinstatement estimate based on their knowledge of market rates and costs as they apply to your home.

> Find a Registered Quantity Surveyor near you

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Valuers are commonly used in the fianancial services industry, primarily to provide market valuations for mortgages. Some are also trained to provide insurance valuations for rebuild purposes, but may not have the level of qualification or ecperience as a quantity surveyor.

The Property Institute website provides more information on the use of a valuer to determine your sum insured.

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Remember: Once you have your new sum insured, please contact your insurer to update it.


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