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Full replacement options

In New Zealand some insurers offer full replacement options for non-natural disasters (like fires). At ANZ, if you personalise your sum insured with us you can now receive the SumExtra benefit:

  • Full replacement for fire,  flood and other non-natural disasters
  • Your sum insured + 10% (if you need it) for a natural disaster1

Do it in three easy steps:

1. Get a rebuild cost estimate for your home.
    Use the House insurance calculator or a qualified professional2

2. Update your sum insured with us.

3. Keep a written copy of your estimate.

If you improve your home, remember to revise your estimate and update your sum insured with us to reflect the increased rebuild cost.

If you've already followed the three steps above and your estimate meets the requirements below, then you already qualify for this benefit.3

Your rebuild cost estimate

The SumExtra benefit applies if you have a written rebuild cost estimate for your home and have set your sum insured to at least the amount of the estimate.

The estimate must be based on a complete and accurate description of your home, and be less than three years old when you set your sum insured.

You may need proof of your estimate at claim time and it can help settle the claim quickly.

See Full replacement terms and conditions for more information.

1. Natural disaster means earthquake, natural landslip, volcanic eruption, hydrothermal activity, tsunami or fire resulting from any of these. 2. A registered valuer, registered quantity surveyor, building practitioner holding an appropriate trade licence, or such other specialist as Vero accept. 3. Policies that are insured for indemnity value are excluded.

All ANZ Asset Protector policies are underwritten by Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited and distributed through ANZ. No member of ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited or its related companies or any other person guarantees Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited or its subsidiaries or any of the products issued by them. ANZ may receive a commission on any policy it arranges.

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