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ANZ Term Deposits

An ANZ Term Deposit is a straight forward, easy to understand investment. You can choose to invest from a range of fixed terms from 30 days to five years, and your interest rate is locked in for the whole term - regardless of movements in the market.

The minimum investment is $10,000.

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It's easy to apply online for any of our Term Deposit rates.

If you're an existing ANZ customer and have ANZ Internet Banking, the quickest way to secure your new term deposit is to log on and use the 'Apply and Open' tab.

If you're new to ANZ or not registered for ANZ Internet Banking, simply use the form below, selecting your preferred rate and term.

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Important information

For more information about ANZ Term Deposits, visit anz.co.nz/termdeposits. Terms and conditions apply. A copy of our General Terms and Conditions are available at anz.co.nz or any ANZ branch. Interest rates are subject to change. For terms of 6 months or more, interest can be paid monthly, quarterly, six monthly, annually or at maturity.

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